The Tiny Village


The Tiny Village is a state-recognized nonprofit in Knoxville, TN. We are working to build shelter for the unhoused and housing-insecure neighbors in our community.

We began as just two folks, transplants to Knoxville, who fell in love with East Tennessee. For years we have loved serving our houseless friends, but in the past few months a pressing need for shelter emerged. It became clear during the COVID-19 pandemic traditional congregate homeless shelters are not an ideal solution for temporary shelter. During this time tent encampments significantly grew in number and size around the city. Even with the CDC guidance to refrain from clearing out camps, the City of Knoxville conducted numerous sweeps of these communities. Unsheltered folks have few options, and the need for non-congregate shelter is clearer than ever. Knoxville needs a different approach to providing shelter to its houseless residents. Knoxville needs a tiny village.

The Tiny Village aims to build micro-housing transitional shelters for those currently experiencing homelessness.

Guiding Values

Housing First

We exist to bridge the often insurmountable gap of unsheltered houselessness and conventional housing through inclusive, cost-effective housing options. In order to address the variety of issues of those experiencing houselessness, we must first provide shelter.

Community Building

One of the biggest contributing factors of homelessness is a lack of community. We exist to build democratic, self governing communities, allowing community members to have a voice. This gives community members a sense of ownership in which the village thrives.

Meeting Needs

We believe all people, regardless of race, sexual identity/orientation, sobriety, or age deserve shelter, food, safety, and belonging. We work to meet the needs of our community members by providing basic necessities to those living unsheltered, as well as creating tiny home villages and transitional sleeping pod communities.

Collaborative Initiative

There are many organizations throughout Knoxville working to address the needs of our unhoused neighbors. We plan to work with existing organizations, linking people with resources so that our community receives all the care that they require.




Our first project is Iredell Village.

Our first village will be located on Iredell Ave, in the Mechanicsville area of Knoxville. Our goal is to build 10 tiny homes about 120 sq feet in size. Tiny homes will be equipped with a small bathroom and a kitchenette. The tiny homes will be supplemented by a larger community space that will include a kitchen, workspace, and laundry facilities. Residents will have access to a full time case manager, who will assist residents in overcoming any issues that have contributed to their experience of homelessness.

Tiny Homes
ft² each
ft² of land


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